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CORONAVIRUS ( COVID-19) UPDATE . May we ask anyone entering our showroom please wear a mask and use our sanitiser on our desk before touching anything. 

Its Business as usual here until we advise otherwise. If you have any questions please call us during business hours. Thank you for your support.  

Koala Framing Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business manufacturing photo frames since 1975. We are based in the Hawkesbury area, north west of Sydney, Australia.  

We are Manufacturers of high quality Timber Photo Frames and they come in all standard sizes and custom sizes to suit the customers needs.  

This website is an online catalogue available to registered businesses only – your registration will be completed by providing evidence of your business. Please register online to begin ordering today   

 We have updated our website as of January 2021 as our suppliers have raised theirs. We have changed one of our frame codes from 249 to KF60. Still same frame but different code  

 Our showroom is open to all customers. Visit Contact Us for further details. 

 Prices updated as of January 2021. All prices are subject to GST and can change without notice.




Koala Framing